Reconnect Fog Lamps after Accessory Installation

When installing GM Accessories, such as a front grille or front bow tie accessory, on 2015-2018 Colorado and Canyon models (Fig. 8), all associated components must be reconnected before installation is complete. In some recent warranty claims, it has been noted that the fog lamps were not reconnected after installing the Front Grille Package and Body Emblem Package.


Fig. 8


Be sure to follow all steps in the installation instructions for all GM Accessories. In the instructions for the Body Emblem Package, for example, it states to connect the fog lamp connectors and to test and confirm headlamp and fog lamp operation.


The fog lamp connections should be verified when completing the following service procedures:

  • Front Fog Lamp Package Installation
  • Front Grille Package Installation (Fig. 9)
  • Front Bumper Fascia Replacement
  • Body Emblem Package Installation (Fig. 10)


Fig. 9


Fig. 10


Any warranty claims for inoperative fog lamps should be reviewed prior to submission to verify if any accessories were installed prior to the inoperative fog lamp condition being noticed.


– Thanks to Charles Hensley


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