Latest AFIT Software Updates High-Pressure Fuel Pump Coverage

The latest software release for the Active Fuel Injector Tester, or AFIT, (CH-47976) is now available. The release (CH-47976-230) updates the fuel pressure regulator software used in the AFIT DMU (Drive & Measurement Unit) as well as updates the AFIT MCU (Main Control Unit). (Fig. 3)


Fig. 3


While regular updates to accommodate new vehicles and hardware have been made to the MCU ever since the AFIT was introduced, this is the first update of the DMU. (Fig. 4) The AFIT was originally designed to be compatible with 10-ohm pressure regulators on direct injection fuel systems. The new DMU update addresses the AFIT’s regulator drive capabilities that are needed due to the use of high-pressure fuel pumps with 0.4-ohm pressure regulators, such as those found on 2018 Corvette, Camaro, CTS, Escalade, Silverado, and Sierra models equipped with a 6.2L V8 engine (RPO LT1, LT4, L86).


Fig. 4


Release CH-47976-230 will update:

  • The PC application to save test records
  • The MCU firmware
  • The MCU database
  • The DMU firmware


Software Downloads


The AFIT software update is available from the GM Dealer Equipment website. Download the software through the Service Workbench selection of “Essential Tools – Software Updates” in GM GlobalConnect (U.S. only). Open the file and follow the instructions.


In Canada, the software is available for download through the Service Application selection of GM Special Tools & Equipment – Software Updates in GM GlobalConnect.


The software downloads page on the website also includes links to the AFIT Update instructions and other AFIT user guides. (Fig. 5)


Fig. 5


For questions about the software release, contact Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Technical Support at 1-800-GM-TOOLS (1-800-468-6657).


Making Connections


When testing an engine using the AFIT kit, do not connect the adapter cables to the vehicle until instructed to by the AFIT MCU. The MCU should be placed in the vehicle cab and plugged into the power adapter.


The DMU (Drive & Measurement Unit) should be placed in the engine compartment and connected to the vehicle’s 12-volt battery and to the MCU.


Select a vehicle on the AFIT MCU and then select an injector test. Follow the on-screen instructions/prompts on the MCU to connect to the vehicle. When prompted, with the ignition off, connect the DMU cable to the vehicle ECM harness connectors.


To help in determining which adapter to use, the AFIT will display the correct adapter during the testing process. The latest software must be used in order to display all correct adapter and cable selections.


– Thanks to Chuck Berecz and Todd Hayes


Updated February 1, 2018


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  1. Software updates are available at different times based on regional requirements. Check your local GM Special Tools website or contact your local GM Special Tools supplier directly for more information.

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