Close TAC Cases Using the Dealer Case Management System

The Dealer Case Management (DCM) system that was introduced nationwide (U.S. only) in August 2017 was designed to simplify communication with GM dealerships while increasing the speed and efficiency of Technical Assistance Center (TAC) case resolution. All communication for a TAC case is documented in the DCM system, including a list of case activities that show how the case has progressed as well as its current status. Dealerships are requested to now use the DCM to open and close TAC cases.


TIP: With the implementation of the DCM system, the TAC Case Closing form on GM GlobalConnect will no longer be available effective January 18, 2018. By moving all communication into one system for dealerships, it makes the DCM system a one-stop shop for all information related to a TAC case, including closing a case.


The Case Closing Form is easily accessed in the DCM system and enables dealerships to review the case and close it without having to retype the VIN, case number, etc., into the form as is required in the GlobalConnect form.


Case Closing


To request to close a TAC case, access the DCM System through the GlobalConnect App Center. All current cases are located under the Technical Assistance Center tab.


Once the case is resolved, select the Request Case Closure button and complete the Case Closing Form, including the cause of the failure, corrective actions taken, and additional comments on how the issue was resolved. (Fig. 1) The TAC advisors will receive the request and close the case.


Fig. 1


Technicians that do not have access to the DCM system should consult with their service manager.


TIP: For additional information about using the DCM, including videos and other resources (Fig. 2), log in to GlobalConnect and go to


Fig. 2


– Thanks to Elizabeth Hathaway



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