Inoperative Sunshade Auto Open Feature

Some 2017-2018 Acadia (VIN N) and 2018 Enclave and Traverse models equipped with a sunroof (RPO C3U) may have a broken front sunshade latch handle or the automatic open feature may be inoperative.


The models affected include 2018 Enclave and Traverse models built from start of production to August 31, 2017, all 2017 Acadia (VIN N) models, and 2018 Acadia models built from start of production to VIN 1GKKNPLS6JZ125361.


The front sunshade latch handle may break or be noisy when the sunroof is opened without opening the manual shade first. Check the sunroof sunshade auto open bracket (Fig. 10) for damage. Remove the sunshade auto open bracket and replace the latch handle if it is broken.


Fig. 10


The sunshade auto open feature has been eliminated from production. All vehicles built after the build dates and VIN breakpoint do not have the auto open bracket installed on the sunshade.


Remove the Bracket


To remove the sunshade auto open bracket, open the front sunshade and then open the front sunroof. Pull down slightly on the front edge of the sunshade to close it with the sunroof open. Remove the two screws and the auto open bracket from the sunshade. (Fig. 11)


Fig. 11


If the sunshade latch handle is broken, replace the handle only. (Fig. 12) Do not replace the sunshade assembly.


Fig. 12


Refer to Bulletin #17-NA-371 for additional details and parts information.


– Thanks to Steve Bruder

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  1. The sunshade design changed for the 2017 model year.

  2. Jonathan Brock says:

    Would this work on a 2014 acadia