New Medium-Duty Truck Essential Tools Shipped to Dealerships

The 2018 Low Cab Forward medium-duty 4500, 5500 and 6500-series trucks (Fig. 1) are available with a variety of upfit equipment and bodies provided by independent suppliers. Several new essential tools for the air brake system on the trucks have recently been shipped to Chevrolet medium-duty truck dealerships.


Fig. 1


EL-52509 FTR ABS DLC Y-Cable


The Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) diagnostic communication circuits on the medium duty trucks are not located in the Data Link Connector (DLC). In order to properly diagnose the ABS system, the FTR ABS DLC Y-Cable (Fig. 2) must be connected between the scan tool DLC cable and both the vehicle DLC connector and the Mimamori Download 10-pin connector under the instrument panel.


Fig. 2


J-42206 Dual Air Pressure Gauge


The Dual Air Pressure Gauge (Fig. 3) is used to diagnose the air brake pressure at various locations in both the cab and trailer (if equipped). Using the gauge, pressure readings can be obtained at each axle or the control valve.


Fig. 3


J-42206-50 Air Brake Line Adapter Set


The Air Brake Line Adapter Set (Fig. 4) is used with the Dual Air Pressure Gauge to diagnose the air brake pressure.


Fig. 4


Each hose (red and black) is 35-feet (10.7 m) long so it’s easy to reach each axle. Connections are made using the specific line size required (3/8″, 1/2″ or 5/8″ line) (Fig. 5) at each air brake chamber or the control valve.


Fig. 5


Tools Available through the Loan Tool Program


The J-42206 Dual Air Pressure Gauge and J-42206-50 Air Brake Line Adapter Set are available to dealerships through the GM Loan Tool Program.


The Loan Tool Program provides a cost-effective alternative to required purchases of high cost and/or infrequently used special tools. Dealerships can request a special tool through the GM special tools website. The loan tool will be shipped to the dealership and then, after five days of use, the dealership returns the tool to the central distribution warehouse.


TIP: Dealerships must access the website through the GlobalConnect link in order to enable the Loan Tool button on the special tools website.


– Thanks to Chuck Berecz



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