Oil Filter Installation on the 3.6L V6 Engine (LGZ)

The 3.6L engine (RPO LGZ) available on 2017-2018 Colorado and Canyon models uses an engine oil filter adapter (housing assembly) with an adapter center insert (Fig. 10) that supports the filter and contains the bypass valve. It’s critical to proper engine operation that the adapter insert be properly retained during an oil change.

Fig. 10

The adapter insert is retained to the oil filter adapter housing by two tabs. (Fig. 11) If the adapter insert is inadvertently removed along with the oil filter during an oil change, the filter may collapse, leading to possible engine failure.

Fig. 11

Always ensure the adapter insert is secure in the adapter housing when changing the oil filter. (Fig. 12)

Fig. 12

If the oil filter adapter insert is missing (Fig. 13), the oil filter adapter housing needs to be replaced. Currently, the adapter insert is not available as a separate part. Also check for any additional engine damage. If the engine needs to be replaced, a new oil filter adapter housing also is required in order to get a new adapter insert.

Fig. 13

When installing a new oil filter (Fig. 14, B) in the housing with the adapter insert (Fig. 14, C), also be sure the oil filter cap seal is installed with the cap (Fig. 14, A) and tightened to specification. Lubricate the cap threads with clean engine oil to aid cap removal at the next oil change.

Fig. 14

Refer to #PIP5560 for additional information.

– Thanks to Bryan Salisbury


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  1. David Holst says:

    Is there a reason why the center insert couldn’t have been made part of the filter housing cap so that it won’t be lost/misplaced? And then just a replacement cap could be ordered if the insert or bypass valve is damaged?

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