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  1. PAMELA PURVES says:


  2. The Dealership Infrastructure Guidelines identify the PC specifications that are supported by GM should a technician have a problem with running Service Programming or Diagnostics. Anything below the specifications may introduce risk, including rendering a module or other part inoperable.

  3. I have an older laptop I have been using for vehicle interface, but with GM TDS, will my 4th gen i3 CPU work with vehicle programming? I saw that it’s not on the good, better, best list…but would like to know if it would even be capable of accepting al the downloads and updates.

  4. We have kit EN-50956-A to install tamper proof bolts what kit do we need to get them out

  5. For assistance with an update, contact the Techline Customer Support Center (TCSC) at 1-800-828-6860.

  6. jose pantoja says:

    guys please help me. my laptop from 2018 is now gargage according to techline. was workink fine until attempt to update my mdi. killed techlineconnect, unable to reinstall. Why should each one of us have to incurre such an expense. when the machine was working perfectly fine……… PLEASE SOME ONE OUT THERE IN THE GM MILKYWAY HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for the feedback. The chart has been updated.

  8. The 2022 Engine Oil Capacities Chart contains an error that needs to be corrected. The incorrect oil filters are listed for applications with engine RPO code LE2 (Chevrolet Trax and Buick Encore 1.4L). The correct oil filter is (and has always been) PF64 for engine RPO code LE2. The information provided regarding usage of Hengst (PF2257G) or UFI (PF2263G) oil filters is only applicable to engine RPO code LUV (1.4L) which isn’t used in any 2022 models.

  9. JASON MORRIS says:

    What are your hours of operation on Saturdays?

  10. The new rear suspension links are non-adjustable. Rear toe adjustment is to be accomplished using the camber adjustment. Refer to the service procedures and revised rear alignment specifications provided in updated Bulletin N212340980.

  11. Your 2021 techlink battery chart for a 2021 escalade with L87 engine shows 850 cca agm
    si shows 730 cca agm which is it?

  12. For help with accessory installations on commercial vehicles, request assistance from the GM Upfitter Integration Group at Select the Contact Us/Request Data link at the top of the page and complete the form. A technical liaison engineer will contact you.

  13. 2020 gmc sierra 3500hd box delete. customer wants rear camera installed. i have kit p/n 84759865. using tech bulletins 174, 152g, there is no corresponding connector at the frame rear that will mate with the kit supplied harness. is there an alternate location to connect?

  14. For technical assistance with the AFIT, call1-800-GM-TOOLS.

  15. Duane Beatty says:

    Cadillac SRX rear toe link Replacement. If technicians are having trouble achieving rear camber angles to spec after link replacement. Push inward on knuckle at the top before tightening large pass thru bolt. Technicians will have much better rear alignment angles to spec.

  16. The Active Fuel Injector Tester (AFIT) Spark Ignited Direct Injection (SIDI) Diagnostic Kit, essential special tool CH-47976-500A, hooked up properly on 2019 terrain 1.5 with G3 cable and ECM start/stop adapter will not crank engine for injector flow test. Check park/neutral message comes on. Red update adapters are in place. Need help trouble shooting

  17. SI is currently experiencing an outage and users attempting to reach the Website or via Techline Connect may find it unavailable. GMIT is working to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  18. Is there a connectivity issue with Tech Link today>

  19. Is there any way to program older GM vehicles that require pass thru any other way than using the adapter to hook it rs232 cable?

  20. Many dealership networks have elevated administrative rights, which may limit automatic updates for Techline Connect. To ensure all updates are received, it’s necessary to set up the app to be run as an administrator. Follow the steps outlined in the Techline Connect Setup for Updates PDF. If additional help is needed to set up a PC’s security settings, contact your dealership’s IT department.

  21. is there a way for standard users to run updates so an admin doesn’t need to do so every time?

  22. why no bat cca rattings for LCF & MED DUTY

  23. Do all of us a favor and tell engineering unlock the Tech2 software. Every time I have a Tech2 car come in I have to spend at least 30 minutes refreshing the lease on software made 2 decades ago if I can even get it to update.

  24. There seems to be no help for doing the oil cooler lines on a 2018 colorado pickup, since they are so easy gm pays 7.4 to replace them and it seems to be hell on earth to get those in whit SI information and such vague pictures and description.

  25. 2021 Blazer Passenger front door won’t open after having door panel and exterior door handle with passive lock removed. The wiring for the passive lock was reconnected and the door latch mechanism was tested before shutting the door. The door was shut and reopened again, the alarm went off, shut alarm off with FOB and shut the door. Now it will not open.

  26. Does your TechLink offer a chart for engine oil capacities for 2021 GM vehicles.

  27. Dan Alves says:

    i have a EV battery service tool that has not worked from day 1 and it will not take an update i have talked to midtronics and they want the tools logs sent to them how do i get the logs down loaded to the usb to send to them. or dose anyone know how to fix it .

  28. Brayden Abbey says:

    I have now had 3 different customers report back to me that when using the wireless apple carplay and bluetooth functions in their 2021 Trailblazers that the audio will skip and stutter. This issue occurs during audio playback and also while talking through the in car bluetooth system. It seems to happen every 20-30 seconds. So far i cannot find any resolution to this issue, and feel it should be further investigated.

    -Brayden Abbey

    Schumacher Chevrolet of Denville


  29. The dealership employee’s GlobalConnect profile must be active and set up by the dealership’s GlobalConnect Partner Security Coordinator with the proper Role to be able to access the tools in the CSMT app.


    I am advisor and when logging into the CSMT app I receive a notice that says “Please review your level of access to the CSMT application with your Partner Security Coordinator as your login information does not support this function.” I have checked with our IT person and he is not familiar with this.

  31. Is there a good source that fully illustrates the removal of drivers air bag module on various vehicles? Some of them are self explanatory. Some of them the information in SI helps. Then there are some that just don’t make any sense at all. I worked on a 2017 Envision for two hours to no avail. Never got the two upper latches to release. I did find a Tech Tube on a Cadillac, but that was a 2012. Might be a thing someone looks into and making a source to demonstrate various removal procedures.

  32. Hib Halverson says:

    Is there an archive of Techlink for 2015? I’m looking for a Techlink issue which had a notice about wheel nut torque for Cadillac ATS and Chevrolet Camaro. I think it was issued on late 2015 after the change was made on early October 2015

  33. An updated chart is being developed and will be available soon. Thanks for your patience.

  34. James Hoffmann says:

    Are the questions about the Battery Cold Cranking Amperage charts just going to keep getting ignored ?

  35. Delta has changed the configuration tool and file to a web-based utility. Bosch is not able to provide access to the utility directly. To get access to the tool, contact Delta using the following link: Delta online form>

  36. Scott Costello says:


    Anybody @ GM plan on putting a Battery chart out for model years 2019,2020,2021. Help the techs don’t put road blocks up. It takes time to dismantle battery tops to see what battery GM throw in the vehicle. If GM actually wants batteries tested and charged please put forward needed charts. 15-06-03-002M is conveniently missing too.

  37. in regards to the EL-52240 charge station, has anyone actually been able to configure the device to use delta cards? the software pointed to at does not work and the bosch tech support says they don’t support their own product. So how does one configure this device?

  38. The latest time a Battery Chart was published was in 2018. We NOW have 2021 models.
    We need an updated Battery Chart ASAP. Especially when there is so much STUFF on top of the
    batteries, You can se NO Battery CCA or other battery information.
    HELP !!!!!!!!

  39. Some non–DOT-approved LED lamps may not draw enough current for the K68 Trailer Lighting Control Module to detect a trailer when connected and the K68 Trailer Lighting Control Module will not enable the lighting circuits to the trailer. Possible ways to remedy this:

    A. Change one or more trailer lamps on the detectable circuits to incandescent bulbs or DOT-approved LED lamps to increase the current draw, which will maintain full functionality of the K68 Trailer Lighting Control Module. The addition of incandescent bulbs/DOT-approved LED lamps is at the customer’s/trailer manufacturer’s discretion.

    B. A load resistor could be added in parallel to the detectable lighting circuits of the trailer, which will increase current draw. One known source is the Curt brand Trailer Wiring Adaptor, which can be plugged inline with the 7-way trailer connector. The adaptor can be used to simulate additional lighting load, which allows the K68 Trailer Lighting Control Module to detect the trailer, but some circuit diagnostics and bulb outage detection will not be possible. The addition of a load resistor/adaptor is at the customer’s/trailer manufacturer’s discretion.

    Refer to #PIT5747 for more information.

  40. Randy Brandted says:

    We are seeing more problems with the new trucks not being compatible with new trailers with l.e.d. lights, owners get very upset when their $70,000 truck will not make the lights work on a new $50,000 trailer they just purchased. They don’t want to hear about the truck “detecting” the trailer before the computer allows power to be sent out to the trailer. They don’t want to pay to have their trailer modified to create a power draw that the truck can detect. I think either the software running this system needs to be updated or an adaptor of some kind built that would sit between the truck and trailer….all plug and play. Make things easier for our customers to use. We are not meeting expectations with this problem at the moment.

  41. Mike Allen says:

    Just curious if there are plans for the EL-50334-20 tester to accommodate the new USB TYPE C ports.

  42. Is there an updated chart for the battery CCA ratings on models past 2018?

  43. For information about locked radios, refer to Bulletin #19-NA-273: Information on Procedure to Unlock Delco Radio with Theftlock.

  44. dave nelson says:

    I am a tech at Pahrump valley auto plaza in Pahrump Nevada dealer code 205-747. I have a customers 2010 Malibu with a locked radio. the old gm hotline number for radios no longer works. what’s the new number? the radio serial number is 192310688, id number WHZN32RU, vin info 120284.

  45. The link has been updated. Thanks for the feedback.

  46. Larry P Berger says:

    I noticed that when I wanted to view the Mid April issue (Apr B), the link brings up the April A issue.

  47. The parts for 5N5 = Rear Vision Camera Kit are available via service parts (see UI bulletin 152b) at

  48. Cody McFalls says:

    If we have a 2020 3500 with RPO: UDU PROVISIONS REAR CAMERA PREP. How can we go about getting the rear Camera equivalent to the RPO: 5N5?

  49. What site are you trying to access with the password?

  50. My password no longer works and there is not option to reset password. How do I fix this issue please help??!

  51. Toemah Bowers says:

    Hello I have a question. Other people including myself are always wandering if there’s more wear and tear on the Auto-stop starters? Especially driving in town or a place where frequent stops are made. I am employed at a Chevy Dealership and I’m looking forward to being more knowledgeable about the different Chevy vehicles out on the market. Thank you for your services.

  52. One of the main features of Techline Connect is automatic updates including leases like GDS2. If the GDS2 lease is not updating, its most likely due to restriction of administrative permissions on your PC. To easily check this, right-click the Techline Connect icon and select ‘Run as Administrator’. You should see a green box and check mark at the start up and the lease renew. If the problem persists, let your dealer system administrator know. You can also contact the Techline Customer Support Center for help.

  53. COLIN VALIN says:


  54. Gary Baughman says:

    I appreciate the reference charts, but we need a battery application chart that covers the new models. When doing a PDI battery charge it ask what type and CCA the battery is. There is so much on top of the batteries now that it is impossible to get the information you need from the label on top of the battery.


  56. The rollout of the new Techline Connect application will begin soon. It will be phased in by state throughout the fall. Dealers will receive an invitation to install the new app. The invitation will appear as a tab in TIS2Web and an icon on the TIS home page.

  57. I work at a dealership how can we get on tech line connect subscription

  58. 2019 model year information is being researched. The chart is on schedule to be updated soon. Thanks for your patience.

  59. Norb Balenski says:

    Any time frame on when you will publish updated battery specs for 2019 vehicles

  60. The Remote Left in Vehicle Alert can be turned on or off in the Settings menu on the infotainment screen. Go to Settings > Vehicle > Remote Lock, Unlock, Start > Remote Left in Vehicle Alert.

  61. Bill Woodhouse says:

    Is it possible to disable the horn alert for the “keys left in vehicle” on the2019 next generation Silverado?

  62. Techline Data Service (TDS) has been activated for all GM dealerships. Select the TDS tab in TIS2Web to install and configure the application.

  63. Mohamad Salem says:

    Hi, I was wondering and asking about the TDS programming service on how to get the yearly membership.. do i need an account with you guys? please let me know on how to subscribe to this service.. Thanks!!

  64. Hi im just wondering if you have any pre 2012 oil capacity guides

  65. Tomasso Pollardi says:

    As a Sales Manager I found this very informative and passed it along to the Sale Team.

  66. Currently, there is not a hands-on class for the 10-speed transmission. 10-speed transmission training is available in interactive video course #17041.80W. It is not possible to provide hands-on training for all topics. Hands-on training is available for the 8-speed transmissions in course #17041.67H.

  67. When can we expect a hands on class for the new 10 speed trans? My personal opinion is that we the technician should be trained on these new components before they are released for sale. I had to teach myself the 8-speeds off of youtube videos lol. It would make for a more efficient tech to have our hands on something before it is just thrown in our laps to loose time on because it is unfamiliar to us. From what i have read about the 10 speed it is unlike any other trans we have dealt with in the past. The 8-speeds have been out since 2014 and GM still hasn’t resolved the torque converter issue and i dont have much faith in the 3rd fluid redesign to fixing it either.

  68. The 2019 battery information is not yet available. Refer to the latest version of Bulletin #15-06-03-002 for more information.

  69. Norb Balenski says:

    When will the battery charts be updated for 2019

  70. In order to provide the latest up-to-date information, the TechLink archives include only the last three years of publication. For older information, refer to the appropriate Service Information for a particular vehicle.

  71. how do we access archives back to the 2000’s. Valuable information is available in the archives. Tried logging through global connect and couldn’t access archives.

    thank you

  72. The 2019 Impala is in the latest GDS2 Global Diagnostic Package v2018.9.2. You must launch GDS2 from TIS2Web and install the latest diagnostic package.

  73. Steve Riley Jr says:

    i have a 2019 Chevrolet Impala and it is not listed in GDS 2. i have to manually select a 2018 Impala just to get codes. Impala’s are not even in the updated charts. How can i get this corrected as this vehicle has a SES light with COMM issues.

  74. Always check bulletins to ensure you have the latest information. The chart has been updated, based on bulletin 15-06-03-002M. Thanks for your feedback.

  75. Pamela Kreitz says:

    We find a dramatic error in your GM Original Equipment Battery Ratings and Part Numbers versus bulletin 15-06-03-002M . We are always admonished to use the latest bulletin and your chart has a discrepancy with Silverado/Sierra LD/HD .
    This can and WILL effect our claims if our technicians use your chart vs the bulletin, and battery claims are touchy enough. You print the LML/L5P V8 Diesel – HD PU L96 V8/Gas and the V6/Gas should be 730 CCA yet the bulletin is written with 770CCA. WHO IS CORRECT ?? And will corrections be noted where we can ALL SEE them?

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