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  1. The rollout of the new Techline Connect application will begin soon. It will be phased in by state throughout the fall. Dealers will receive an invitation to install the new app. The invitation will appear as a tab in TIS2Web and an icon on the TIS home page.

  2. I work at a dealership how can we get on tech line connect subscription

  3. 2019 model year information is being researched. The chart is on schedule to be updated soon. Thanks for your patience.

  4. Norb Balenski says:

    Any time frame on when you will publish updated battery specs for 2019 vehicles

  5. The Remote Left in Vehicle Alert can be turned on or off in the Settings menu on the infotainment screen. Go to Settings > Vehicle > Remote Lock, Unlock, Start > Remote Left in Vehicle Alert.

  6. Bill Woodhouse says:

    Is it possible to disable the horn alert for the “keys left in vehicle” on the2019 next generation Silverado?

  7. Techline Data Service (TDS) has been activated for all GM dealerships. Select the TDS tab in TIS2Web to install and configure the application.

  8. Mohamad Salem says:

    Hi, I was wondering and asking about the TDS programming service on how to get the yearly membership.. do i need an account with you guys? please let me know on how to subscribe to this service.. Thanks!!

  9. Hi im just wondering if you have any pre 2012 oil capacity guides

  10. Tomasso Pollardi says:

    As a Sales Manager I found this very informative and passed it along to the Sale Team.

  11. Currently, there is not a hands-on class for the 10-speed transmission. 10-speed transmission training is available in interactive video course #17041.80W. It is not possible to provide hands-on training for all topics. Hands-on training is available for the 8-speed transmissions in course #17041.67H.

  12. When can we expect a hands on class for the new 10 speed trans? My personal opinion is that we the technician should be trained on these new components before they are released for sale. I had to teach myself the 8-speeds off of youtube videos lol. It would make for a more efficient tech to have our hands on something before it is just thrown in our laps to loose time on because it is unfamiliar to us. From what i have read about the 10 speed it is unlike any other trans we have dealt with in the past. The 8-speeds have been out since 2014 and GM still hasn’t resolved the torque converter issue and i dont have much faith in the 3rd fluid redesign to fixing it either.

  13. The 2019 battery information is not yet available. Refer to the latest version of Bulletin #15-06-03-002 for more information.

  14. Norb Balenski says:

    When will the battery charts be updated for 2019

  15. In order to provide the latest up-to-date information, the TechLink archives include only the last three years of publication. For older information, refer to the appropriate Service Information for a particular vehicle.

  16. how do we access archives back to the 2000’s. Valuable information is available in the archives. Tried logging through global connect and couldn’t access archives.

    thank you

  17. The 2019 Impala is in the latest GDS2 Global Diagnostic Package v2018.9.2. You must launch GDS2 from TIS2Web and install the latest diagnostic package.

  18. Steve Riley Jr says:

    i have a 2019 Chevrolet Impala and it is not listed in GDS 2. i have to manually select a 2018 Impala just to get codes. Impala’s are not even in the updated charts. How can i get this corrected as this vehicle has a SES light with COMM issues.

  19. Always check bulletins to ensure you have the latest information. The chart has been updated, based on bulletin 15-06-03-002M. Thanks for your feedback.

  20. Pamela Kreitz says:

    We find a dramatic error in your GM Original Equipment Battery Ratings and Part Numbers versus bulletin 15-06-03-002M . We are always admonished to use the latest bulletin and your chart has a discrepancy with Silverado/Sierra LD/HD .
    This can and WILL effect our claims if our technicians use your chart vs the bulletin, and battery claims are touchy enough. You print the LML/L5P V8 Diesel – HD PU L96 V8/Gas and the V6/Gas should be 730 CCA yet the bulletin is written with 770CCA. WHO IS CORRECT ?? And will corrections be noted where we can ALL SEE them?

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