Rear Differential Clutch Module Corrosion

Some 2013-2018 Encore and 2014-2018 Trax models equipped with full-time All-Wheel Drive (AWD) (RPO F46) may display an illuminated Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) and/or a Service AWD message on the Driver Information Center along with a loss of power steering assist, a dead battery and a loss of communication on the high-speed LAN. DTCs C0800 (Device Power 1 Circuit Voltage) and U0136 (Lost Communication With Differential Control Module – Rear) also may be set.

These conditions may be caused by corrosion of the Rear Differential Clutch Module (RDCM) at the seam between the base plate (black) and the top housing (grey), which may include the connector and the four screws. (Fig. 7)

Fig. 7

If corrosion is found, replace the RDCM and inspect the associated wiring and connector. (Fig. 8) Only 3% of vehicles have been found to have a corroded RDCM connector, so do not replace the RDCM wiring harness if there is no evidence of corrosion in the connector.

Fig. 8

RDCM Replacement Part Green Dot

The replacement RDCM is part number 42463357. Inspect the replacement RDCM for the presence of a green dot on the part label. (Fig. 9)

Fig. 9

  • If the replacement RDCM has a green dot, install and program it following the appropriate Service Information instructions.
  • If the replacement RDCM does not have a green dot, order a new part. Do not install a new RDCM that does not have a green dot on the part label.

Future RDCM part numbers may not have a green dot. In those cases, verify that part number 42463357 has been superseded to the current part number you have received.

Refer to Bulletin #18-NA-007 for additional information.

For 2013-2017 MY vehicles located in Canada, refer to Special Coverage Bulletin #17436.

– Thanks to Frank Jakubiec

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