Self-Diagnosing Proactive Alerts Program Update

The self-diagnosing Proactive Alerts, a feature of OnStar Advanced Diagnostics, are designed to help predict specific types of potential performance degradation of the battery, starter motor, and fuel delivery system based on current vehicle data. Proactive Alerts are available on 2015-2017 Equinox and Terrain (V6 models only); 2016-2018 Corvette, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, Sierra, Yukon models, and Escalade models; 2018 Equinox, Traverse, Enclave, Acadia, and XT5 models.

Proactive Alerts monitors the performance of the following vehicle components:

  • Engine cranking – battery and starter motor performance
  • Fuel delivery system – in-tank fuel pump module and fuel pressure sensor performance

TIP: Fuel delivery system monitoring is no longer included as part of the Proactive Alerts system on 2018 models. Fuel delivery system monitoring continues to be supported on 2015-2017 models.

Customer and Dealership Messages

Customers must sign-up for the service through OnStar and are notified in real-time by an in-vehicle message and an email when potential performance degradation is detected. The Proactive Alert information also is included in the customer’s OnStar Diagnostics Report and individual account page on (Fig. 6)

Fig. 6

In addition to the customer messages, an email is sent to the preferred GM dealership to the attention of the Customer Experience Manager (U.S.) or Service Manager (Canada).

It’s important to understand that some Proactive Alerts service messages may be generated without any apparent symptoms being noticed by the driver.

Service Message Identifiers

The diagnostics for the Proactive Alerts for 2017-2018 models are now in the Service Information for each vehicle. The operation of Proactive Alerts for 2015-2016 models is covered in #PI1250E.

The Proactive Alerts system collects and stores specific system performance data each ignition cycle, which is transmitted via the cellular system when the ignition switch has been in Run or Accessory power mode for six minutes. The transmitted data is stored off-board the vehicle and analyzed by special algorithms to detect degraded performance. When monitored system performance degrades to predetermined levels, the off-board system sends a Proactive Alert Identifier. The affected system is identified within the alert by a service message. Currently, no associated DTCs are stored on the vehicle.

The Proactive Alert identifier is stored in the K73 Telematics Communication Interface Module. The Telematics Communication Interface Module requests a specific identifier to display on the radio and to play an audio message one time when vehicle is next started. Proactive Alert identifiers stored in the Telematics Communication Interface Module can only be cleared using a scan tool.

– Thanks to Bob Wittmann and Gary McCraw

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