New Components Available for Pre-Repair Authorization Using the CSMT App

Warranty replacement of a number of components, including wheels, seat covers and cushions and interior door trim, requires GM pre-authorization before repairs are made (U.S. and Canada).

The Pre-Repair Authorization (PRA) process allows service consultants or other service personnel to submit the required information and photos in minutes using the Certified Service Mobile Toolbox (CSMT) app. Recently, several new components have been made available for pre-repair authorization. These include:

  • Drive motor battery charger cables
  • 2021 – current model year front headlamps
  • 2019 – current model year Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 lower control arms

Associated labor operations for the new components will be restricted beginning on August 15, 2022.

PRA Process

The intent of the PRA process is to pre-screen product concerns while the customer is on the service drive to determine if the customers’ concern is warrantable. If the determination is that the condition is not warrantable, the dealership has an opportunity to immediately communicate with the customer and provide an estimate for the repair. If the determination is that the condition is warrantable and therefore approved, a pre-authorization number for claim submission is provided and the replacement of the component may be performed.


The CSMT app is required to process PRA requests. (Fig. 7) In addition to the PRA features, it offers easy access to Field Product Reporting (FPR) for U.S. dealerships or Product Information Reporting (PIR) for Canadian dealerships; Field Action notifications and other applications.

The CSMT app is free and available for use on most Apple® iPhones and Android devices. To use the app, find it in the Google Play Store for Android phones and in the Apple App Store for Apple phones. Once downloaded, log in using your GlobalConnect ID and password.


Fig. 7


Submitting a Request

To make a PRA request once it’s determined that one of the restricted components requires replacement, select the PRA tool on the CSMT app and enter the required vehicle and repair information.

Each request requires several photos, including the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), odometer reading displayed on the instrument panel, side (quarter) view of the vehicle, full view of the component with labelling and close-up photos of the issue. (Fig. 8)


Fig. 8


After submitting a request, check the PRA History section in the CSMT app for status updates from the PRA team. Once the dealership receives an approval email with an Authorization number (PRA number), proceed with the repair and submit the warranty transaction. Be sure to use the labor code included in the approval email. This labor code must be used to avoid a claim reject.

PRA Job Aids

Several job aids are available covering the PRA process, including:

  • How to submit a PRA request
  • Guidelines for uploading media for PRA requests
  • Reviewing and reworking PRA submissions
  • PRA request FAQs (Android/Apple)

To view the job aids (U.S. only), go to the Warranty Resource Center (available under the App Center tab) on GlobalConnect and select the Certified Service Mobile Toolbox (CSMT)/Pre-Repair Authorization (PRA) tile toward the bottom of the home page. Dealerships in Canada should refer to the Warranty Administration page in GlobalConnect.

For additional information about the PRA process and the labor codes that are on restriction, refer to the latest version of Bulletin #18-NA-306.

– Thanks to Carrie King and Misty McKay


Updated August 5, 2022

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  1. A technician is not required to complete the pre-repair authorization. This action can be performed by the service consultant in the service lane prior to the repair. Submitting a PRA takes just a few minutes using the convenient, built-in features within the app. Dealers can refer to Bulletin #18-NA-306 for photo requirements and photo examples.

  2. technician need to to be paid for this operation

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