LT5 Supercharger Electronic Bypass Valve

The supercharger on the 2019 Corvette ZR1 creates a maximum boost pressure of 13.96 psi (96.3 kPa) to help the 6.2L small block V8 engine (RPO LT5) deliver 755 horsepower and 715 lb.-ft. of torque.

The supercharger is designed to increase the air pressure and density in the intake manifold. When the air is mixed with the correct amount of fuel, the result is more power from the engine. The supercharger is a positive displacement pump that is directly driven from the engine drive belt system, so boost pressure is available in all driving conditions.

The electronic compressor recirculation valve, or supercharger bypass valve actuator (Fig. 28, #1) on the LT5, is very similar to a standard electronic throttle body used for diesel engines. It provides fully-variable boost pressure control with none of the restrictions known to pneumatically-controlled recirculation valves.

Fig. 28

During moderate to heavy acceleration, the bypass valve is commanded near closed. As the desired throttle position increases, the throttle valve is commanded wide open and the Engine Control Module (ECM) modulates the supercharger bypass valve position to control boost pressure. When boost is not desired, such as at idle and partial throttle cruising, or on deceleration, the excess air that the supercharger produces is recirculated through the open supercharger bypass valve and the passage between the intake manifold and the supercharger inlet.

The supercharged  LT4 V8 engine available on some Corvette and Camaro models has a more typical on/off or opened/closed bypass valve for the supercharger. It is vacuum-actuated and ECM-controlled, but has only two positions and is not fully variable like the bypass valve on the LT5 V8 engine.

Bypass Valve Codes

DTCs related to the bypass valve include:

  • P0034 – Supercharger Bypass Solenoid Valve Control Circuit Low Voltage
  • P0035 – Supercharger Bypass Solenoid Valve Control Circuit High Voltage
  • P0039 – Supercharger Bypass Valve Position Performance
  • P10EE – Supercharger Bypass Valve Control Circuit Shorted
  • P23AA – Supercharger Bypass Valve Stuck Closed
  • P2BBC – Supercharger Bypass Valve Position Sensor Circuit Low Voltage
  • P2BBD – Supercharger Bypass Valve Position Sensor Circuit High Voltage
  • P2BBE – Supercharger Bypass Valve Position Sensor Exceeded Learning Limit
  • P2BBF – Supercharger Bypass Valve Supply Circuit Low Voltage
  • P2BC0 – Supercharger Bypass Valve Driver High Current
  • U0657 – Lost Communication with Supercharger Bypass Valve Position Sensor

– Thanks to Tracy Lucas

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