Rear Vision Camera Missing Guidance Lines or Distorted Image

Some 2019 Equinox, Colorado, Silverado 1500, Terrain, Canyon, and Sierra 1500 models equipped with the HD Rear Vision Camera (RPO UVB) may have a distorted or “fisheye” camera display (Fig. 16) or the guidance lines/Rear Cross Traffic Alert symbols are temporarily not available while the vehicle is in Reverse. The Rear Vision Camera returns to normal operation once the vehicle is shifted out of Reverse. No DTCs are set.

Fig. 16

The distorted image and missing guidance lines condition is most likely to occur if the vehicle is started and quickly shifted into Reverse while the infotainment system is still in the initial boot-up process. If the system is not fully booted prior to receiving a Reverse input, it may enter a “robust” Rear Vision Camera mode to ensure a rearview camera image is available for the duration of the reverse cycle.

These conditions are the design intent of the system to ensure a camera image is available under all operating scenarios. They are not malfunctions of the system, but a limitation due to the high work load of the system during start-up. The conditions can be cleared by shifting out and back into Reverse gear.

Do not replace any parts for these conditions. Verify proper operation of the system by allowing sufficient time after start-up to complete the boot-up process before shifting to Reverse. The boot-up time should be relatively quick. To confirm operation, wait approximately 45 seconds before shifting to Reverse. If the guidance lines are missing and/or the image is distorted after a sufficient boot-up time is given (up to 45 seconds), follow the appropriate Service Information to continue diagnosis.

– Thanks to Jeremy Richardson

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