Rear Fascia Gap Adjustment

The rear fascia gap near either tail lamp on some 2016-2018 Camaro models may be more noticeable in hot temperatures. (Fig. 14) The gap is due to a possible misalignment of the center impact beam as well as the rear fascia brackets allowing for too much growth of the fascia. The impact beam mounting stud must be readjusted.

Fig. 14

Prior to performing any repairs on the fascia, obtain the new service part guides for each side of the rear fascia and the shim material listed in Bulletin #17-NA-336.

Begin the repair by removing the rear fascia and then loosening the six nuts securing the impact beam. Fully remove the top two nuts and move the impact beam up 3 mm (0.12 inches) so the stud is centered in the hole of the impact beam mounting plate. (Fig. 15) Ensure both sides of are centered and re-secure the impact beam.

Fig. 15

Next, add shim material at the outboard, upper rear of each guide before installing the left and right rear bumper fascia guides on the vehicle. (Fig. 16) Follow the procedure for installing the guides as outlined in Bulletin #17-NA-336.

Fig. 16

With the new rear bumper fascia guides attached to the quarter panel on each side of the vehicle (Fig. 17), reinstall the fascia.

If the fascia attachment flange is damaged, the rear fascia will need to be replaced.

Fig. 17

– Thanks to Ann Briedis

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