Generation 2 Volt Manual Service Disconnect Base Inspection

When servicing a 2016-2019 Volt (2nd Generation) high voltage battery, it may be possible to neglect to remove the four fasteners on top for the Manual Service Disconnect (MSD) base (Fig. 6) and lift the high voltage battery cover with the MSD base still attached. As a result, the two high voltage terminals can become strained inside the MSD base and not operate properly when the MSD is reinstalled.

Fig. 6

Misalignment of the MSD base and subsequent terminal damage can cause a high resistance connection that causes further damage to the base.

To help address this condition, an additional step has been added to the high voltage battery cover installation procedure (SI Doc ID 4162125) that calls for checking for terminal damage and proper alignment of the MSD base with the high voltage cover opening.

When checking the terminals, ensure the terminal fingers are aligned to the terminal slot. (Fig. 7, #1) The terminal fingers should be centered to the terminal slot and should not be misaligned, bent or deformed. (Fig. 7, #2, #3, #4)

Fig. 7

The proper vertical alignment (Fig. 8, A), or misalignment (Fig. 8, B), of the terminals depends on the positioning of the orange high voltage cable.

Fig. 8

If the cable is moved or manipulated, the terminals may rotate out of the correct position. (Fig. 9)

Fig. 9

The new installation procedure in the Service Information includes instructions for the MSD base to be discarded and replaced with a new base should the terminals show any signs of damage.

A properly aligned terminal without any damage (Fig. 10) will easily receive the MSD when the high voltage battery cover is reinstalled. Be sure to use four new fasteners for the MSD and tighten them in sequence. (Fig. 11)

Fig. 10

Fig. 11

Once all battery cover fasteners are tightened to specification, perform a smoke test on the Rechargeable Energy Storage System using the required special tools.


– Thanks to Joe Ciagala and Lane Rezek

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