New Vaportek Odor Eliminator System

The Restorator from Vaportek is a new odor eliminator system now available through GM Dealer Equipment. Based on GM testing, the easy-to-use, portable system effectively eliminates odor contamination quickly and safely. Primarily intended for delivering a fast, high-intensity treatment, it uses Vaportek’s patented spill-proof essential oil cartridges to release a nontoxic, odor-neutralizing dry vapor into the air to neutralize organic-based odors and smoke odors. The penetrating vapor quickly controls and eliminates unpleasant smells caused by sources such as smoke, moisture, humidity, food, and biological odors.

Originally developed for use in medical facilities, the Restorator system treats up to 20,000 cubic feet using a replaceable, nontoxic, natural essential oil cartridge. Each cartridge is rated for approximately 270 hours of use. Replacement cartridges are available separately.

The following packages are available: (Fig. 8)

  • Restorator for Organic Odors System (VPT905200) – Includes one Restoration Cartridge for the elimination of organic odors
  • Restorator S.O.S. System (VPT90520085) – Includes one Restoration Cartridge with S.O.S. Smoke Odor Solution

The Restorator system is intended for fast, high-intensity treatments, not for continuous, long-term use.

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Fig. 8

– Thanks to Chuck Berecz

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