Charge Air Cooler Moisture Conditions

Some 2018 Equinox and Terrain models equipped with the 1.5L 4-cylinder engine (RPO LYX) or 2.0L 4-cylinder engine (RPO LTG) may have an illuminated Check Engine lamp and DTCs P0299 (Engine Underboost), P2227 (Barometric Pressure Sensor Performance), or P0300 (Engine Misfire Detected) may be set.

The DTCs may set due to moisture build-up inside the charge air cooler. (Fig. 5) Long drives through rainy conditions and/or high humidity conditions (heavy fog) may cause moisture to collect in the charge air cooler.

Under heavy acceleration, moisture can be drawn into the engine, which would cause DTC P0300. In cold temperatures, ambient and PCV moisture can freeze in the charge air cooler, which would restrict flow and cause DTCs P0299 and/or P2227.

Fig. 5

If these conditions are found, perform a smoke leak test of the charge air cooler. If a leak is determined, replace the charge air cooler. A newly designed charge air cooler is now available.

If there is not a leak, but DTCs P0300, P0299 and/or P2227 are set, check the build date of the vehicle.

  • For vehicles built after March 1, 2018, refer to the appropriate Service Information for additional diagnostic information.
  • For vehicles built before March 1, 2018, replace the charge air cooler with the newly designed part.

On vehicles equipped with the 2.0L engine (RPO LTG), remove the boost sensor from the intake charge pipe to the throttle body and wipe the area with a clean rag to remove any residual moisture.

– Thanks to Kris Villegas

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