Oil Pan Drain Plug Leak

An engine oil leak may be noticed after an oil and filter change on some 2017-2019 Cruze and 2018-2019 Equinox and Terrain models equipped with the 1.6L 4-cylinder diesel engine (RPO LH7). (Fig. 16)

Fig. 16

The oil leak may be the result of not replacing the oil pan drain plug seal after an oil change. The seal (Fig. 17, #2) on the drain plug (Fig. 17, #1) should be replaced each time the drain plug is removed from the oil pan.

Fig. 17

When performing an oil change, after draining the oil and disposing of the oil filter insert, install a new oil filter insert (Fig. 18, #1) and oil filter cap o-ring. (Fig. 18, #2) Coat the o-ring with new, clean engine oil.

Fig. 18

TIP: The 1.6L diesel engine uses a special high-performance oil filter. Use only the specified oil filter.

Install the filter cap. Be sure not to over-torque the filter cap or an oil leak could occur. Use a new o-ring when installing the oil filter cap plug.

Next, install a new oil pan drain plug seal and tighten the drain plug to specification.

– Thanks to Javier Hinojos

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