2019 Colorado and Canyon Front Seat Design

The driver’s seat cushion on the 2019 Colorado and Canyon was redesigned to provide better entry and egress as well as improved comfort. Depending on the position of the steering wheel and front seat, the redesigned seat offers additional space for ease when entering or exiting the vehicle.

If the driver’s seat is compared to the front passenger’s seat, several differences in appearance may be observed. This is particularly noticeable on the 6-way power driver’s seat (RPO 6WP), but also may be noticeable on the 4-way power driver’s seat (RPO 4WP).

Using the power tilt function, the driver’s seat cushion (Fig. 9, A) will appear similar to the passenger’s seat cushion (Fig, 9, B) when both are fully raised.


Fig. 9


However, if the driver’s seat cushion is lowered completely (Fig. 10, A), the seat will appear significantly different compared to the passenger’s seat (Fig. 10, B) from an angled viewpoint.


Fig. 10


With the redesign, the driver’s seat cushion also appears thinner (Fig. 11, A) than the passenger’s seat (Fig. 11, B) when viewed from a front angle.


Fig. 11


These design changes to the driver’s seat do not indicate any issues with seat operation or performance. No repairs should be made if these conditions are found.


– Thanks to Matt Singer

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