10-Speed Automatic Transmission Control Valve Body Bolt Kit

When replacing the control valve body on the 10-speed automatic transmission (RPO MQB) on 2019 CT6, Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 models, some of the bolts are one-time use bolts and should be discarded while other bolts can be reused.

The control valve body bolt kit, part number 24294356, includes bolts that do not need to be replaced. The kit includes seven bolts, but only three bolts (Fig 15, #1) require replacement when removed. The instruction sheet indicates that all seven of the identified bolts should be replaced. The bolts are marked by arrows in the valve body casting.


Fig. 15


The new bolts in the kit contain a preapplied sealant. (Fig. 16, A) The bolts removed from the valve body also are shown. (Fig. 16, B)


Fig. 16


In addition, the filter retaining bolts should be replaced. (Fig. 17)


Fig. 17


When removing the control valve body, the automatic transmission fluid pump seal should stay with the valve body assembly.

Refer to #PIP5631 for additional information.


– Thanks to Terry Neuendorf



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