Disconnected Charge Air Cooler Outlet Air Tube

The charge air cooler outlet air tube may be disconnected on some 2019 Equinox, Terrain, and Malibu models equipped with the 1.5L 4-cylinder engine (RPO LYX). As a result, the vehicle may exhibit reduced engine power. DTCs P0172 (Fuel Trim System Rich), P0299 (Engine Underboost), P0101 (Mass Air Flow Sensor Performance), P0506 (Idle Speed Low) and/or P1101 (Intake Air Flow System Performance) may be set.

Confirm the connection of the charge air cooler outlet tube at the throttle body. (Fig. 18) If the tube is disconnected, inspect the charge air cooler tube and throttle body for any damage. Replace any damaged parts, if found.


Fig. 18


TIP: The throttle body and mass airflow (MAF) sensor associated with the listed DTCs should only be replaced if they are damaged or found to be the cause of the code.

Retainer Kit

If the charge air cooler outlet tube has become disconnected and no damaged parts are found, and a SPAC case is already pending for a replacement tube assembly, confirm the SPAC status through Parts Workbench in GlobalConnect. If the part has shipped, do not order a retainer kit from the Warranty Parts Center (WPC).

If the charge air cooler outlet tube has become disconnected and a SPAC case has not been started, contact the WPC using the request form available in #PIP5651A to order a charge air cooler outlet tube retainer kit. The retainer kit includes a spring, two retainers, and installation instructions.


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