Service Procedures and Labor Times Updated

The GM Service Information on the 6.6L diesel engine (RPO LML) and 1.4L and 1.5L gasoline engines (RPO LE2, LFV) was recently updated with several new service procedures and labor times based on revised service repair studies. (Fig. 14) Since the Service Information is updated regularly, it’s important to always review the service procedures for a repair in order to confirm the latest procedures are being followed.


Fig. 14


As part of an initiative to develop innovative approaches to repairs, GM continuously reviews service procedures to ensure each step provides a safe, effective and efficient repair. The focus of the most recent updates was to reduce the need to remove the engine for procedures that could be completed on vehicle. The new procedures avoid pulling the engine to complete a repair and, in many cases, eliminate the need to evacuate, recover and recharge the air conditioning system. The changes also result in a reduction of the number of mandatory replace bolts and gaskets required to complete the repair.

Some of the major repair operations that were changed based on the revised procedures include:

2015-2016 6.6L Diesel Engine (RPO LML)

  • Cylinder Head Replacement Right/Left
  • Head Gasket Replacement Right/Left/Both
  • Turbocharger Replacement
  • Fuel Injection Pump Replacement
  • Other procedures related to the removal of the above

2016-2019 Cruze 1.4L Engine (RPO LE2) and Malibu 1.5L Engine (RPO LFV)

  • Piston, Connecting Rod, and Bearing Replacement
  • Piston and Ring Replacement
  • Cylinder Head Replacement
  • Cylinder Head Gasket Replacement


Check the appropriate Service Information for these updated service procedures.


– Thanks to Rich Orbain and Steve Bruder


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  1. les parker says:

    there out of there head on a good day 20.0 hr after doing a few new procedures or not we bill 39.9 hr with studs

  2. Its only possible with the engine on a stand ! and I think it say’s engine out of vehicle repair

  3. Thank you for your feedback. You are correct that the Doc ID for Cylinder Head Replace – Left Side is the same between the 2015/2016 and the 2014 and prior MY vehicles. Where the changes occur are in the links to sub procedures within the head replace procedure that are different between the two model years for now. As an example, as you follow the cylinder head replace procedure, the first link is “Intake Manifold Replacement – Left Side”, which you will also find the same Doc ID for this procedure between model years. But from there, as you go into Turbocharger replacement or Fuel Injection Pump replacement, there are unique Doc ID’s with unique procedures. This is just a couple of link examples. There were a number of sub linked procedures that were updated that all feed up to a more efficient cylinder head replacement.

  4. Matt Smith says:

    So for 2015 and prior, which uses the exact same Document ID in SI 2413099 for left side cylinder head gasket removal, the warranty labour time is 30.9 hrs with additional published time and for 2015 and up for LML its 10.4hrs?

    I would like to see someone come here and do it in the truck in 10.4hrs – I call BS

    Good job GM at driving more technicians away. Take, take, take……

  5. What part of the 2015-2016 6.6L Diesel Engine (RPO LML)◾Cylinder Head Replacement Right/Left has changed in order to save so much time. it looks the same to me?

  6. I can’t see how Duramax head gaskets can possibly be completed in this amount of time following the service procedure as outlined in SI. Its just not possible to take that much stuff apart, clean everything and reassemble that many components in that amount of time. You forgot to add in the time it took to remove the turbo or the injection pump or something while doing your calculations.

  7. The new service procedures that were implemented in the Service Information that resulted in revised labor time allowances were completely new procedures over what was previously published. This was not a study of older procedures, but rather a completely new procedure that was studied following the standard study process of no power tools, following SI step by step and providing a 21% mark-up at the end of the study.

  8. Brian Clough says:

    I think it’s unacceptable to reduce labor times due to GM certified techs beating the flat rate time. Moreover, if you do a 6.6 headgasket job twice a year, it’s going to take you 30 plus hours. GM does not have quality in mind if they want to rush their repair jobs. Reducing labor times is GM’s way to keep more money in their pocket, and frustrating the techs. You should revisit the reduction in flat rate hours, and restore it to the previous.

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