Spray-in Bed Liner Repairs

A spray-in bed liner (RPO CGN, PDL) is available on 2013-2014 Silverado HD 2500/3500, Sierra HD 2500/3500; 2014 Silverado 1500, Sierra 1500; and 2015-2019 Colorado, Silverado, Canyon and Sierra models. The bed liner (Fig. 18) is applied directly to the truck bed at the factory, which creates a bonding coating that prevents water, dirt, dust and other contaminants from affecting the painted metal surface of the truck bed.


Fig. 18


The bed liner has a black finish that resists degradation from exposure to sunlight, chemicals, and other environmental factors while providing a textured surface (Fig. 19) that helps prevent slippage or movement of items stored in the bed. The coating also resists scratches, dents and dings that would damage a regular painted surface.


Fig. 19


Because the bed liner material is sprayed on evenly, any variation in the bed, such as seam sealer or spot welds in the sheet metal, will show underneath the spray-on coating. The coating does not completely fill in these variations. (Fig. 20)


Fig. 20


TIP: The spray-in bed liner has been specifically designed and tested for GM trucks. The spray-in bed liner was not designed for use with the GM Accessory Cargo Management System offers on 2010 and prior models.

The bed liner also features several drain holes that provide openings for drainage in the bed. (Fig. 21)


Fig. 21


Bed Liner Care

The shine and luster of the bed liner can fade from oxidation, road dirt, heavy-duty hauling and hard water stains. To help keep the bed liner looking and performing well, it is recommended that it be cleaned at the same time and manner as the rest of the vehicle by washing using a mild detergent and rinsing the liner. Automatic car wash residue may leave a white film, which can be removed with normal washing and brushing if needed.

Do not use silicone-based protection products to clean the bed liner as they may reduce the effectiveness of the slip resistant texture. Silicone-based materials may also degrade the spray-in bed liner surface. A specific silicone-free bed liner conditioner is available through your GM dealership.

To restore the original appearance, wash the bed liner with a mild detergent. Once the liner is dry, apply the silicone-free bed liner conditioner and let dry. The conditioner will spray on blue, but will dry clear.



Bed liner repairs should be handled similar to other body repairs and sublet to an appropriate vendor or performed by the dealership, if proper equipment and skill set are available, including all warranty repairs, New Vehicle Damage claims, customer pay and collision repairs.

Repairs to the spray-in bed liner fall into small or large categories. The size of the damage will determine how the repair procedure should be performed. Any damage to the underlying sheet metal must be repaired, including corrosion protection, prior to repairing the bed liner material.

Most large repairs will likely be performed by an approved Ultimate Linings authorized dealer network facility and submitted as a sublet repair if it is a warranty claim or New Vehicle Damage claim. These facilities can be found at gmbedlinerrepair.com. (Fig. 22)

All repair information, parts and/or facilities that can perform the repairs are listed on the website.


Fig. 22


Small repairs (a repair 1.5 in. (40 mm) in diameter or less) can be completed using a repair kit that can be ordered at gmbedlinerrepair.com. Select the Order Parts link.

The dealership or an authorized repair center can complete this repair. It is for small areas of damage and uses a twin pack of repair material and dual cartridge caulk gun along with a pattern patch. (Fig. 23)


Fig. 23


For additional information about spray-in bed liner repairs, refer to the latest version of Bulletin #12-08-51-002.


– Thanks to Tom Renno

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