Rear Brake Squeal Sound

A rear brake squeal sound may be heard on some 2017-2019 XT5, Acadia (VIN N); 2018 Enclave, Traverse, Acadia; and 2019 Blazer models. The sound may be caused by the current material used on the rear disc brake pad shims. The brake pads are now available with a shim material designed to eliminate the squeal sound.

If the rear brake squeal sound is found, replace the rear disc brake pads (Fig. 20) with the new design pads following the appropriate Service Information procedure.


Fig. 20


TIP: The inner disc brake pad is equipped with a wear sensor on the leading edge of the disc brake pad.

Refer to Bulletin #19-NA-115 for additional information, labor code and part numbers.


– Thanks to Tom Burlingame

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