Rear Seat Bolt Tightening Sequence

The 2nd-row seat mounting bolt tightening sequence on 2017-2020 Acadia, XT5; 2018-2020 Enclave, Traverse; 2019 Blazer; and 2020 XT6 models may not be clear to all technicians in the Service Information based on the illustrations showing the tightening sequence.

There are four bolts that secure the 2nd-row bucket seats and the 40 percent side of the 60/40 bench seat. There are five bolts that secure the 60 percent side of the 60/40 bench seat. The bolt tightening sequence must be followed correctly in order for proper seat installation.

The current Service Information illustration may not easily identify the correct sequence. (Fig. 11)


Fig. 11


Tightening Sequence

The correct sequence for tightening the 2nd-row seat mounting bolts is (Fig. 12):

  1. Inboard rear bolt (or bolts, depending on the seat)
  2. Outboard rear bolt
  3. Inboard front bolt
  4. Outboard front bolt


It may be necessary to fold down the seatback to gain access to the rear bolts.


Fig. 12


The circled numbers in the Service Information illustration indicate the tightening sequence. (Fig. 13) The sequence is the same for both bucket seats and the 60/40 seats.


Fig. 13


Refer to the appropriate Service Information for the proper torque specification for the applicable vehicle.


– Thanks to Nick Ewing



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