Exhaust Leak Conditions

Several exhaust leak conditions, including a rattle or exhaust noise, or catalytic converter failure on Bank 1 may occur on some 2018-2019 Enclave and Traverse models equipped with the 3.6L V6 engine (RPO LFY). Several of the following lean fuel and exhaust DTCs also may be set: P0171, P0174, P0420, P0430, P2096, P2097, P2098, or P2099.

The exhaust conditions may be caused by a broken or poor weld with lack of penetration on the Bank 2 exhaust flex pipe bracket. (Figs. 14, 15, 16) If a broken Bank 2 bracket is found, also check for any damage to the right catalytic converter and pipes.


Fig. 14


Fig. 15


Fig. 16


To correct the exhaust conditions, replace the Bank 2 exhaust flex pipe from the Bank 2 converter to the mid-exhaust assembly. Be sure to clear any DTCs that have set and retest the vehicle until the conditions for the codes have run and passed.


– Thanks to Aron Wilson 

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