Extended Engine Crank Time

Some 2018-2019 Equinox and Terrain models may have an extended crank time that occurs intermittently after the vehicle has been sitting for at least 20 minutes. In this case, it may take three seconds of crank time before the engine starts.

If there is an extended crank time condition, it may be caused by the check valves stuck open in the fuel feed front pipe (Fig. 13, 1.5L engine shown) and the fuel tank fuel pump module. After verifying the extended crank time, replace both the fuel feed front pipe and the fuel tank fuel pump module.


Fig. 13


When ordering a fuel tank fuel pump module (Fig. 14), use the latest part number in the Electronic Parts Catalog with the VIN filter on.


Fig. 14


For the fuel feed front pipe (Fig. 15), there are different part numbers for vehicles equipped with the 1.5L engine (RPO LYX) and the 2.0L engine (RPO LTG).


Fig. 15


Refer to Bulletin #19-NA-176 for additional information and part numbers.


– Thanks to Rob Smith

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