Unavailable Driver Assistance Features Messages

Service Drivers Assist and Service Side Object Detection messages and/or a Super Cruise Temporarily Unavailable message may display on the Driver Information Center of some 2019-2020 CT6 models. DTC U0075 (Control Module Communication Object Detection CAN Bus Off) may be set.

If these conditions are found, there may be a short to ground on Object bus circuits 3811 and 3813 at the driver’s sun visor mounting screws. Remove the driver’s sun visor and lower the harness to inspect for any damage. The sun visor screw may leave an impression (Fig. 18, #1) in the headliner harness. (Fig. 18, #2)


Fig. 18


Unwrap the harness to expose the wiring. (Fig. 19) The Object High Speed GM LAN circuits 3811 and 3813 may be damaged by the sun visor mounting screw.


Fig. 19


If any damage is evident, repair the wiring following the appropriate Service Information for wiring repairs. (Fig. 20)


Fig. 20


– Thanks to David Antal

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