New Dealer Infrastructure Guidelines Announced for 2020

GM has recently released revised Dealer Infrastructure Guidelines (DIG) for 2020. The guidelines outline the dealership technology needed to ensure reliable data communications for all dealers, including recommended personal computer (PC) specifications. (Fig. 12)

GM will end support for Windows 7 Professional Operating System (OS) on December 31, 2019. In 2020, dealership computers must meet the minimum standard, including using the Windows 10 Professional OS, in order to receive assistance form the Techline Customer Support Center (TCSC).


Fig. 12


Upgrading PCs

PCs used by technicians in the service bay should not be simply upgraded with a new operating system unless the PC processor is 6th generation or better. The DIG provides “Best” specifications for replacing PCs. (Fig. 13]


Fig. 13


The DIG covers the equipment that is supported as well as the difference between Consumer vs. Enterprise products. GM’s robust applications require Enterprise-grade products.

GMDESolutions is currently offering several PC/MDI 2 bundles with special pricing (U.S.). Non-bundled PC’s meeting GM specifications also are available. In addition, new PC’s pre-loaded with GM’s Techline Connect diagnostic software are available as well to help save time and effort at the dealership. (Fig. 14)


Fig. 14


Techline Application Recommendations

GM Techline service technician applications (Techline Connect, TIS2Web, GDS 2, MDI Manager, MDI/MDI 2, Tech2Win, Data Bus Diagnostics Tool and Service Information) require additional computing power to perform appropriately during vehicle diagnosis and repairs.

The following recommendations are for all service technician applications:

  • Local Windows Administrative access for software installation and updates to Windows registry
  • One laptop for each technician performing vehicle diagnostics; otherwise, one for every two technicians
  • One MDI / MDI 2 for every Techline PC
  • One battery maintainer for every two MDI tools in use
  • Use of Tripp-Lite Keyspan USB-to-Serial adapter (Model: USA – 19HS) for computers without serial ports


U.S. dealerships: To view the latest DIG (Fig. 15) as well as PCs for purchase, go to and select the Dealer Services tab. Once you’ve input your BAC and zip code, select Techline IT Solutions from the Dealer Services menu.


Canadian Dealerships: The latest DIG can be found in the Dealer Security and Information Technology App on GM GlobalConnect.


Fig. 15


– Thanks to Lisa Scott

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