Accessory Rear Seat Infotainment Turns Off When Doors are Closed

The Accessory Rear Seat Infotainment (RSI) system on some 2018-2020 Enclave and Traverse models (Fig. 6) equipped with ventilated front seats (RPO KU9) may power off when the vehicle doors or the liftgate is closed. The cause of this condition may be that the RSI system is powered by the interruptible Retained Accessory Power (iRAP) feed. When the vehicle’s Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS) module searches for the key transmitter when the last door or the liftgate is closed, it momentarily powers down the iRAP feed in order to clear any possible radio frequency interference, which results in the RSI screen powering off.


Fig. 6


Verify the Condition

Before making any repairs, verify the condition is as described: RSI screen powered on, and the vehicle ignition is in On/Run/Start (green indicator on engine start/stop button). The screen will power off when the last door or liftgate is closed.

  • With the key transmitter inside the vehicle, the issue will be intermittent and usually occur more often if the transmitter is closer to the wireless phone charger.
  • When the key transmitter outside the vehicle, the issue will occur every time the last door or liftgate is closed.


A new audio player wiring harness to the RSI power feed can be installed to address the screens powering off. The harness assembly will add a second power feed (ignition) to the RSI kit to supply power to the RSI system while the iRAP feed is temporarily unavailable.

The audio player wiring harness assembly (Fig. 7) can be obtained from the Warranty Parts Center using the TSP Dealer Request Form. Go to Global Connect > Service Department > Service Forms App > General Information tab > TSP Dealer Request Form.


Fig. 7


Installing the Harness

Refer to Bulletin #19-NA-271 for complete details on installing the harness assembly and parts information.

The new harness assembly will be spliced into the RSI monitor wire (Fig. 8, #1), the RSI power feed (Fig. 8, #2), and the passenger’s vented seat wiring power feed (Fig. 8, #3).


Fig. 8


Remove the fuse panel from the mounting bracket and remove the rear cover for access to the RSI monitor wire and RSI power feed. The splice location in the passenger’s vented seat harness is under the passenger seat.


– Thanks to Peter Allen

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