Only 11-Digit PUN on Service Solenoid Body Assembly

After replacing the transmission, control valve solenoid body, or Transmission Control Module on 2017-2019 Cruze; 2017-2020 Malibu; 2018-2019 LaCrosse; 2018-2020 Enclave, Regal, Traverse, Terrain; 2019-2020 Envision, XT4, Blazer; and 2020 XT5, XT6, and Acadia models equipped with the 9T45/50/60/65 automatic transmission (RPOs M3W, M3T, M3G, M3D, M3H, M3V, M3U, M3E), solenoid characterization reprogramming must be performed.

The transmission solenoids require unique performance characteristic data in order to function at maximum efficiency. The data is programmed and stored in the TCM. When the transmission assembly, TCM, or solenoids are replaced during service, the performance characteristic data for the solenoids must be retrieved from a web server repository and reprogrammed into the TCM, which ensures that the characteristic data relationship is properly matched between the solenoids, valve body, and transmission.


Solenoid Body Assembly PUN

When installing the replacement solenoid body assembly, it may not be possible to perform the shift characterization reprogramming due to the Part Unique Number (PUN) printed on the service solenoid body only having 11 digits.

The PUN should be documented before installing the control valve solenoid body onto the transmission. (Fig. 14) On the SPS MCVM (Mechanical Characterization and Virtual Matching) Operation Selection screen, a prompt will request the PUN.


Fig. 14


The complete 16-digit PUN can be found on the back of the instruction sheet included with the service solenoid body assembly. If the number is not found on the instruction sheet, use a QR code reader to obtain the full 16-digit PUN.

If the 16-digit PUN cannot be obtained from the QR code, use one of the following 5-digit numbers in front of the 11 digits printed on the solenoid body assembly: WL0Y9, WL0Y0, WL4P9, or WL4P0. The first five digits are dependent to where the part was manufactured as well as the calendar year it was built.

For example, the assembly shown should be WL0Y931001851MD1 as this part was manufactured in 2019. (Fig. 15)


Fig. 15


If the shift characterization reprogramming cannot be completed, verify the digits are not transposed, and ensure zero is being used and not “O.”

Contact the Technical Assistance Center for additional assistance if needed.


– Thanks to Tom Ellison


Updated February 28, 2020

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