Get It Together with the New GM ToolNet Application

The newest service tool for GM Dealerships will help in organizing and managing their special service tools inventory. GM ToolNet, an innovative asset management application, will be launched by GM and Bosch Corporation to all U.S. and Canadian dealerships in the first quarter of 2020.

The GM ToolNet application includes a variety of management features that enhance efficiency and productivity, including: Tool Check-In/Out, Tool Maintenance Scheduling, Storage Location Customization, User Management, and Tool Usage Reporting. (Fig. 9)


Fig. 9


ToolNet will replace the current application. Tool-related data for dealerships that are actively using the current application will be transferred to each dealership’s new ToolNet account. Any new tool data (new tools added) entered after January 31, 2020 will not be transferred during this period. New data after this date must be re-entered into the ToolNet account.

Dealerships that are not using the current application will have the opportunity to start a tool organization practice that begins with taking inventory of the dealership’s special tools and following a data upload process that is explained on the ToolNet application when a user first logs in.

ToolNet must be accessed through GM GlobalConnect, Look for new application on GlobalConnect in the coming weeks.

Additional announcements and information about the new ToolNet application will be coming soon.


– Thanks to Rick Jackson and Kevin Damm

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  1. We were using the gmtool organizer. Now it says nothing converted over to the new toolnet. Can they still go back and retrieve my tool inventory. We have two stores. one converted one did not.

  2. All tools (new or changes) on the current website app before January 31 will be transferred to ToolNet. Any tool changes after January 31 will not be transferred.

  3. Mark Barber says:

    If I corrected/changed tool locations in January will that information not be transferred also, or just new/added tools?

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