Water Intrusion at Rear Electrical Connector

A Service Park Assist message may be displayed on the Driver Information Center or the power liftgate may not be operating on some 2017-2020 Acadia and 2019-2020 Blazer models. The hands-free liftgate brand logo projection below the rear of the vehicle also may be inoperative. DTCs B323A, B323B, B0958, B0959, B0960, and B0961 may be set.

These conditions may be the result of water intrusion in the X400 connector located behind the rear bumper cover on the left side of the vehicle. (Fig. 27) Inspect the X400 connector for evidence of moisture.

Fig. 27

If there is not any obvious damage from water found in the terminals, it may be necessary to remove the TPA to be able to view inside the connector for moisture. (Fig. 28)

Fig. 28

If water intrusion or corrosion is found, replace all affected terminals on the body side with terminated leads and replace the rear fascia wiring harness.

Ensure that the connector is securely attached to the locating stud and is mounted in a horizontal position.

– Thanks to Jim Miller

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