New FSE Technician Recognition Awards

The Field Service Engineer (FSE) Technician Recognition Awards (U.S.) is a new recognition program that celebrates the skill and dedication of dealership technicians who have recently worked with FSE’s on challenging repairs.

Six technicians from GM dealerships around the country will be selected each quarter — two each from the East, Central, and West, regions — for their outstanding performance. The criteria for recognition includes a focus on safety, customer satisfaction, personal accountability, training achievements, diagnostic abilities, and the level of repair documentation.

Each recognized technician will receive a Service Excellence magnetic plaque and an Excellence in Service Award certificate. (Fig. 23)

Fig. 23


1st Quarter 2020 Technician Recognition Awards




Technician: Carl Schmidt

Dealership: Alexander Cadillac, Sunbury, Pennsylvania

Repair: A vehicle recently in the service department with a difficult customer concern regarding intermittent, unwanted parking brake activation.

Service Excellence: Carl spent significant time trying to understand and duplicate the customer’s concern while researching information in the Service Information. He road-tested the vehicle with the customer to try to better understand and determine the cause of the issue. Ultimately, Carl determined that it was probably the customer inadvertently pushing the Park Brake button at low vehicle speeds that was causing the Park Brake to activate. He explained the operation of the Park Brake to the customer and how it may be set inadvertently. Making sure the customer’s vehicle was safe to drive, and fully understanding what was happening in this situation is an example of going above and beyond for a customer.


Technician: Robert Taylor

Dealership: M & J Automotive, Hermitage, Pennsylvania

Repair: 2018 Yukon with an ABS light illuminated due to A broken right rear wheel speed sensor wire. The customer stated the vehicle would pull violently to the right when braking at about 40 mph. Robert repaired the wheel speed sensor condition and verified operation.

Service Excellence: After the sensor wiring repair, Robert took it upon himself to see if the steering pull condition was present. He disconnected the right rear wheel speed sensor and drove the vehicle. At about 42-45 mph with the brake applied, the vehicle did pull to the right. Robert contacted the Technical Assistance Center and explained concern. The case was escalated to the FSE level. After verifying the steering pull condition with the speed sensor disconnected, Robert and the FSE tried duplicating the condition on several other 2018 and 2019 vehicles. They discovered that the pull condition doesn’t occur in two-wheel drive mode. The information was passed on to the engineering team for investigation and, ultimately, resulted in a campaign. Instead of just returning the vehicle after repairing the speed sensor wiring, Robert went the extra mile for the safety of our customers and to ensure GM was aware of this condition.




Technician: Dale Collins

Dealership: Capitol Chevrolet, Austin, Texas

Repair: Dale always goes above and beyond assisting in Field Service Engineer (FSE) cases. In some cases with other technicians at his dealership, Dale’s assessment of the concern is gathered prior to a dealer visit. With his technical abilities, many cases have been repaired prior to FSE arrival, which helps speed up the process of getting the vehicle back to the customer in a timely fashion.

Service Excellence: Dale is a respected technician among his peers and is looked up to by other technicians. He is very meticulous and a great source of information. Many times, he has already investigated the the recommended actions suggested by FSE’s to help resolve a concern.


Technician: Tom Popp

Dealership: Holiday Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Repair: Tom has worked with several Field Service Engineers (FSE) during his tenure at Holiday Automotive and has assisted the FSE’s with other technicians. He always has gone above and beyond in assisting with cases. Tom is known as the technician to go to first with a case in the dealership. Tom’s diagnostic techniques are top-notch and he always makes sure the issue is either fixed or if FSE assistance is really needed.

Service Excellence: Tom immediately impresses others with his talent and character. Tom became a World Class Technician in 2004, the 7th in the state of Wisconsin. He is a genius with electrical and drivability concerns, and specializes in Advanced Tech vehicles, Corvette, transmissions and electrical. The dealership has created a special team for him to service these unique vehicles. He also became a Service Technology expert to better assist his customers. In addition, he’s a substitute teacher for both ASEP and regular Auto Tech courses at the local technical school.




Technician: Martin Moreno

Dealership: Mark Christopher Chevrolet, Ontario, California

Repair: 2019 Silverado from an auction house with a no start condition caused by a loose ground in the starter relay circuit. What Martin did not know was that other technicians had worked on this truck for the no start condition and, ultimately, the truck had been repurchased. Due to Martin’s diagnostic skills, the truck was finally repaired correctly, and GM was able to recuperate some of the truck’s value at auction.

Service Excellence: What sets Martin apart is not that he figures out the tough problems, but that he displays a never-give-up attitude every day. Martin keeps a binder detailing all his complex TAC cases and shares that information with other technicians when they run into similar repairs. Martin’s dedication to his craft is always apparent with his positive attitude and is inspiring to the other technicians at the dealership.


Technician: Michael Krieger

Dealership: Dublin Cadillac, Dublin, California

Repair: 2019 CT6 with all-wheel drive and DTC P0562 (System Voltage Low) set in the Transfer Case Control Module (TCCM). The code could not be duplicated and the TCCM was replaced. Unfortunately, the vehicle returned about one week later. At this time, the DTC was duplicated and a 1-volt difference was noted in the TCCM data between battery and ignition voltage. A high resistance splice connection that was crimped over the insulation of the TCCM battery power wire circuit was found. A new splice was put in place to fix the condition.

Service Excellence: Michael is very methodical in his diagnostic procedures and spends extra time to make sure customers’ vehicles are returned in a properly repaired state. He is always customer focused and works hard to earn every customer’s business every day. He is also very detailed in his repair order documentation relative to repair direction and exactly what has been done. He also contacts the Technical Assistance Center for help at the appropriate time and engages other people and resources to ensure the repair is completed in a reasonable amount of time.

– Thanks to Hank Poelman

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