Loose Carbon Patch in Air Cleaner Housing

A loose carbon patch in the air cleaner housing may be restricting air flow across the Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor on some 2020 Corvette models. (Fig. 11) DTCs P0101 (Mass Airflow Sensor Performance), P0171 (Fuel Trim System Lean) and P0174 (Fuel Trim System Lean Bank 2) may be set in the Engine Control Module (ECM).

Fig. 11

In addition, depending on how the patch is positioned in the air cleaner housing, other DTCs may be set. Check the carbon patches in the air cleaner housing if any of the following DTCs are set: P0101, P1101, P0171, P0174, P0300, P2119, P2101, P219A, and P219B.

If any of these DTCs are set, remove the air filter and inspect the carbon patches to determine if they are out of place. (Fig. 12)

Fig. 12

If a carbon patch is not secure and positioned properly, the air cleaner housing assembly will need to be replaced. (Fig. 13)

Fig. 13

– Thanks to Richard Renshaw

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