Corvette Competition Sport Seat Bolster Pad Support

The all-new 2020 Corvette Stingray features three available seats: GT1, GT2, and Competition Sport. (Fig. 1) On some models with the Competition Sport seats, the sides of the aggressive seat cushion bolsters may have a fit and appearance condition where the seat cushion pad folds under the cushion cover.

Fig. 1

The fit and appearance condition is due to an incorrect seat foam-to-side shield interface that causes the foam to be unsupported. (Fig. 2) As a result, the unsupported seat foam can create a poor appearance as the driver enters and exits the vehicle over time.

Fig. 2

If this condition is found, check that the foam and bottom felt of the foam pad (Fig. 3, A) are not caught on the edge of the side shield (Fig. 3, B), which may cause the poor trim appearance. The felt on the bottom of the foam pad should extend over the edge of the side shield, allowing the foam to be proud to the side shield. (Fig. 3, C)

Fig. 3

When properly fitted, the bolster will be flush with the vertical surface of the side shield.


Adjust Foam Pad Position

To correct the fit and appearance condition, remove side shield and massage the foam pad back into position. The pad must be pulled up vertically. Make sure it is not folded or collapsed.

When in proper position, the pad will fit into the cushion cover of the bolster with the black cloth material of the bolster cover resting flat on the top of the side shield edge. (Fig. 4, A) In addition, the seam of the cloth material and perforated fabric should follow along the hidden edge of the side shield. (Fig. 4, B)

Fig. 4

If the foam pad is folded or collapsed, replace the pad. The cushion cover and pad are removed from the seat frame as an assembly. (Fig. 5) Refer to Seat Cushion Cover and Pad Replacement in the appropriate Service Information.

Fig. 5

After properly positioning the foam pad, reinstall the side shield so the bolster sits on top of the shield and is flush with it. (Fig. 6) The trim should not be under any tension that would pull the bolster foam off the side shield.

Fig. 6

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