Low-Frequency Vibration Under Wide Open Throttle

Some 2020 CT5 models may have a low-frequency noise and vibration under wide open throttle that sounds like the muffler is grounding out against the body. The noise and vibration may get progressively worse as more miles are driven.

If the noise and vibration are present and can be heard inside the passenger compartment, check the transmission mount snubber. It may be out of position and rubbing against the inside pocket of the crossmember. (Fig 8)


Fig. 8


Raise the vehicle and inspect the position of the transmission mount and snubber. If out of position, loosen the bolt and rotate the snubber until the anti-rotation feature engages. Tighten the bolt to specification (100 N·m or 74 lb.-ft.). Lower the vehicle and perform a test drive to confirm the noise has been eliminated.

For additional information, refer to Bulletin #20-NA-089.


– Thanks to Blake Streling

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