Loose Instrument Panel-to-Body Harness Connector

Some 2020 Encore GX and 2021 Trailblazer models may have several electrical conditions, including no audio from the radio, an inoperative power liftgate (RPO TC2), if equipped, and/or an inoperative instrument cluster. DTCs P159F (Fuel Economy Mode Switch Circuit Low Voltage), U0184 (Lost Communication With Radio), U0198 (Lost Communication with Telematics Communication Interface Control Module), and U1501 (LIN Bus) may be set.

These conditions may be caused by the X200 Instrument Panel-to-Body Harness connector not being fully connected and locked, resulting in an open circuit. Inspect the X200 connector, located at the lower left A-pillar. Remove the left front side door sill garnish molding to access the connector. (Fig. 22)

Fig. 22

Inspect the X200 connector (Fig. 23, #7) for not being seated before disconnecting it. It should be seated correctly on all four sides. Also ensure that the wires are not twisted or too taut, and that the routing is correct.

Fig. 23

After correcting the connection, verify that the conditions have been eliminated before reinstalling the door sill garnish molding.

Refer to Bulletin #20-NA-135 for additional information.

– Thanks to Frank Jakubiec

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