Spark CVT7 Transmission Replacement

Several DTCs may set after replacing the CVT7 transmission (RPO M4M) in some 2014-2015 Spark models. (Fig. 8) The most common codes that may set are P0797 (Pressure Control Solenoid Valve 3 – Stuck On), P0841 (Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor Performance), P0863 (TCM Communication Circuit), P0961 (Line Pressure Control Solenoid Valve Performance), P0965 (Pressure Control Solenoid Valve 2 System Performance) or P2714 (Pressure Control Solenoid Valve 4 – Stuck Off). Other DTCs also may set.

TIP: DTC P1790 (Transmission Control Module Checksum Error) will always set after the transmission is replaced. Refer to the appropriate Service Information for information on how to address this code by programming the TCM.

Fig. 8

The DTCs may be the result of poor connection conditions. When removing the transmission connector from the transmission and temporarily relocating the wiring harness to allow removal of the transmission, the TCM X2 connector may crack and cause wiring and connection issues.

Follow the diagnostics in the Service Information for the DTCs that set after transmission replacement. If a resolution is not found, replace the TCM X2 connector and install new terminated leads. (Fig. 9) Do not replace the transmission for any DTCs setting right after the transmission has been replaced.

Fig. 9

Refer to #PIP5732 for additional information and part numbers.

– Thanks to Terry Neuendorf

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