Exhaust Pipe Shaped to Avoid Low Contact

A quick look at the exhaust pipe crossover section on 2019-2020 Silverado and Sierra models equipped with a V6 or V8 engine shows that it is not a completely round shape as other parts of the pipe. (Fig. 27) The unique shape of the exhaust pipe is by design. The kinks or shape of the pipe does not indicate the pipe is damaged.

Fig. 27

The exhaust pipe is distinctly formed in order to make it higher from the ground than the adjacent frame members. (Fig. 28) Due to its unique shape, it is not the lowest part on the vehicle and is protected by the frame from contact while traversing over areas with low ground clearance, which helps prevent it from being struck by objects passing under the vehicle. While driving off road, for example, an object would strike the frame first.

Fig. 28

The design of the crossover section of the exhaust pipe is hydroformed, or shaped by hydraulic pressure, to an ovate shape that has the same cross-section as a round part of the pipe.

There is no flow restriction from the shape and it does not affect engine performance in any way. (Fig. 29)

Fig. 29

– Thanks to David MacGillis

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