FSE Technician Recognition Awards – 2nd Quarter 2020

The Field Service Engineer (FSE) Technician Recognition Awards (U.S.), a new recognition program that celebrates the skill and dedication of dealership technicians who have recently worked with FSE’s on challenging repairs, has announced five technicians for recognition for their outstanding performance.

Technicians at GM dealerships in each region — East, Central, and West — are selected each quarter for recognition. The criteria includes a focus on safety, customer satisfaction, personal accountability, training achievements, diagnostic abilities, and the level of repair documentation.

Each recognized technician will receive a Service Excellence magnetic plaque and an Excellence in Service Award certificate. (Fig. 7)

Fig. 7


2nd Quarter 2020 Technician Recognition Awards


Technician: Andy Lynch

Dealership: Cronic Chevrolet, Grifflin, Georgia

FSE: Billy Childers

Service Excellence: Andy, who has completed 100% of the required service training in all GM categories, recently had a L5P Duramax diesel setting a Check Engine light for a fuel regulator concern. The condition was intermittent, so it was difficult to diagnose, but Andy would not give up. Just trying to run some diagnostic tests or remove a part for inspection can be tough due to the location of the components on the diesel engine. Andy was more than willing to dive right in on anything that was needed to diagnose the vehicle. Although the vehicle was eventually repurchased and a request was submitted for the vehicle be shipped to Michigan for an engineering review, Andy came in on a Saturday, his day off, and spent several hours disassembling, testing, adding pressure gauges, pulling the fuel tank, inspecting components, reassembling and test driving the vehicle until he was able to make the repair. Ultimately, the vehicle had multiple high pressure pumps replaced and debris was found circulating through the system that would cause the intermittent concerns. Andy’s positive attitude and persistence not only makes him a great technician, but also a great person.


Technician: Sean Rogers

Dealership: Patriot Buick GMC, Boyertown, Pennsylvania

FSE: Brittany Grande

Service Excellence: Sean took the initiative to go above and beyond to make repairs on a 2017 Acadia that had a total of 13 concerns. Sean was meticulously thorough with his approach and performed extensive diagnostic work on this vehicle. One of the concerns included a popping sound that was very intermittent during parking lot maneuvers. It was thought to be caused by the suspension. Sean not only addressed each concern with care and the customer in mind, but he also found that the actual cause of the popping sound was due to rust above the fuel tank rubbing on the tank. Sean met this challenge head-on with a positive attitude and successfully got one of our valued customers back on the road.



Technician: Dan Mclaughlin

Dealership: Gateway Chevrolet Cadillac, Fargo, North Dakota

FSE: Reuben Gosewisch

Service Excellence: Over the years, Dan has worked on several emerging issues on Duramax diesel engines that have led to PIs and diagnostic improvements. Recently, he provided direction on inspecting the L5P Duramax diesel injector connectors prior to injector replacement for misfire/hesitation-type concerns and DTCs, which will reduce the number of injector replacements. Last year, he provided detailed information suggesting cost savings on exhaust/EGR gasket replacement on the L5P engine. An example of the information he has provided is the exhaust aftertreatment and reductant systems diagnostics. We worked on graphing out the exhaust temperatures and NOx sensor data to assist with diagnosis, which led to the creation of several PIs to help with diesel exhaust concerns. Recently, he also helped to verify the proper connections to inspect for aftermarket device connections affecting vehicles with repeat DPF damage from soot accumulation. He has provided many detailed product reports over the years, showing his commitment to providing constructive feedback for improving our products. He is one of the first technicians I go to for information on current diesel issues that are happening in the field.


Technician: Greg Brinlee

Dealership: Hudiburg Chevrolet, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

FSE: Jeff Kuhr

Service Excellence: Greg is the type of technician that can be called to provide a solid technical opinion on a repair. We have discussed several cases and having his outside perspective and ability to collect additional data on a known good vehicle is invaluable. He specializes in Duramax engines in the HD and MD trucks, so finding a known good DMAX snapshot is usually an easy task for him. He takes training very seriously and often completes it early. He also informs me on all the Field Product Reports completed at the dealership and contacts me to come and submit or be involved with FPR’s when it involves a brand-new vehicle or something that should have immediate attention (safety related). Attention to detail is very important to him, and it makes him passionate about fixing it right the first time.



Technician: Jerry Ross

Dealership: Thorson Buick GMC, Pasadena, California

FSE: Wade Hanna

Service Excellence: Jerry is a very diligent technician who spends the time to determine the root cause of complicated conditions and takes great interest in finding the problem. When visiting the dealership, he is always willing to help with anything that is needed or required. He is interested in following and learning different paths and thought processes to find the root cause of failures and is eager to learn anything new that may help him in the future. He works great with the other technicians and helps them daily. He will take the time to explain what he is doing and why in order to help others around him learn. He has his own NEO tool and builds his own scripts to assist him in diagnosing complex drivability issues.

– Thanks to Hank Poelman

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