DTCs Set Due to Potential Engine Wiring Harness Conditions

Some 2019-2020 Silverado 1500 and Sierra 1500 models equipped with the 2.7L engine (RPO L3B) may have DTCs P06DA (Engine Oil Pressure Control Solenoid Valve Control Circuit), P06DB (Engine Oil Pressure Control Solenoid Valve Control Circuit Low Voltage), and P06DD (Engine Oil Pressure Control Solenoid Valve Performance) set in the Engine Control Module (ECM). The DTCs may be set due to several potential engine wiring harness conditions, including the wiring harness coming in contact with underhood components.

For additional information regarding possible engine harness routing conditions (Fig. 20), refer to #PIT5677C.


Fig. 20


If the DTCs or other related codes are set, following the diagnostic procedures in the appropriate Service Information for each DTC.

TIP: Do not replace the Engine Oil Control Solenoid Valve unless instructed to do so in the Service Information diagnostic procedures. Oil Control Solenoid Valves that have been returned under warranty have been tested and inspected with no trouble found.

In addition, perform a pin drag test using the appropriate test terminals as well as validate the Oil Pressure Control Solenoid Valve wiring harness for potential opens or shorts.


– Thanks to Robert Halas

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