Green, Pixelated Night Vision Screen

Some 2020-2021 XT5 and XT6 models equipped with Night Vision (RPO UV3) may show a green, pixelated display in the Driver Information Center when Night Vision is selected.

There are two LVDS/USB connectors on the back of the instrument cluster. The gray connector is an output going to the Head-Up Display. The black connector is the input from the Night Vision Camera Control Module.

The Night Vision Camera Control Module sends the processed image output directly to the instrument cluster via a dedicated cable. (Fig. 25) The Active Safety Control Module communicates via serial data to the night Vision Camera Control Module from the BCM and Motion Sensor Manager, which the Night Vision Camera Control Module uses to turn on if the conditions are correct (ambient light and temperature), and perform detections (vehicle path and speed). The Night Vision Camera Control Module will send a message to the Active Safety Control Module if a warning or alert is required. Warnings and alerts are posted on the instrument cluster or Head-Up Display.


Fig. 25


All the video signal circuits are twisted and shielded to prevent any interference that may lead to a loss of video signal resolution and cause a degraded video image. These circuits must not be spliced/removed from shielding or will cause image degradation.

If a green, pixelated screen is shown (Fig. 26), inspect the back of the instrument cluster to determine if the black LVDS/USB connector is seated correctly. If the connector is not connected, check the cluster IP harness and install the connector, making sure it is fully seated.


Fig. 26


– Thanks to Paul Radzwilowicz

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