GE-52250 PowerSmoke Diagnostic Leak Detector Warranty Upgrade (U.S.)

The GE-52250 PowerSmoke Diagnostic Leak Detector is a GM Essential Tool that can be used to help find induction and exhaust system leaks on 2010-2020 GM models equipped with a turbocharged engine. (Fig. 13)


Fig. 13


Extended Warranty Offer

An extended warranty offer is now available to U.S. dealerships for the GE-52250 PowerSmoke Diagnostic Leak Detector. The offer includes the choice of extending the standard one-year warranty for two or three years. The extended warranty covers all parts and labor to repair or replace the PowerSmoke detector, including all power intake inflatable bladder devices included in the accessory kit.

The five PowerSmoke adapters that connect to inflatable bladders in the accessory kit are used on almost every repair with the leak detector. Replacing the bladders individually can be costly. The extended warranty offers a savings to dealerships if replacement is needed. (Fig. 14)


Fig. 14


Extended Warranty Registration

To register for the extended warranty online, go to .For additional information or to register by phone, call 1-877-557-6653.

The extended warranty offer expires March 3, 2021.


Tool Operation

To locate leaks, the GE-52250 tool introduces compressed air and smoke into the system without disassembling a number of components, saving time and reducing the chance of missing a faulty connection. The tool is similar to the EVAP smoke machine, but produces up to 60 times the volume of pressure and smoke.

The multiple adapters included with the tool feature inflatable bladders that allow one or both ends of the system to be sealed off. The adapters also have a connection point that enables smoke to be injected into the system.

TIP: Due to the high pressure output produced by the GE-52250 tool, it should not be used to diagnose EVAP system leaks.


– Thanks to Rick Jackson

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