Auxiliary Transmission Oil Cooler Eliminated

2021 Express and Savana models equipped with the 4.3L V6 engine (RPO LV1) or 6.6L V8 engine (RPO L8T) may have a build list that includes a V14 auxiliary transmission oil cooler, but the auxiliary cooler is not installed on the vehicle as it was on previous model years. (Fig. 19)


Fig. 19


For the 2021 model year, engineering has validated that an external transmission oil cooler is not needed and new models will no longer have the auxiliary cooler installed. A loop of coolant tubing will be visible behind the grille. (Fig. 20) Vehicles without the auxiliary cooler are built correctly and no repairs are necessary.


Fig. 20


Elimination of the auxiliary cooler does not affect transmission performance. All durability testing on the transmission was passed without the additional cooler.

2021 models without the auxiliary cooler should not have an external transmission oil cooler installed at the dealership or have a warranty claim submitted for the missing auxiliary cooler.

Refer to Bulletin #21-NA-021 for additional information.


– Thanks to Matt Singer

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