Head-Up Display Image Not Level

The Head-Up Display (HUD) image (RPO UV6) on some 2020-2021 Acadia models (Fig. 21) may be tilted or not level when displayed on the windshield. The tilted image may be due to the HUD image not being properly adjusted.


Fig. 21


The controls for adjusting the HUD image position up or down are located on the left side of the instrument panel, along with the controls for brightness and display view. However, adjusting the rotation of the HUD image is performed using the Driver Information Center controls on the steering wheel and the DIC Options menu on the instrument cluster. This feature may only be available when the vehicle is in Park.

If the HUD image appears tilted, navigate to the Options menu on the instrument cluster. Scroll through the menu and select Head-Up Display. Next, select Head-Up Display Rotation to enter the adjustment mode.

Press the up or down arrow button on the DIC controls to adjust the angle of the HUD image on the windshield. Press the check mark button on the DIC controls to confirm and save the setting. (Fig. 22)


Fig. 22


Customers may not be aware of the HUD image rotation adjustment feature. Information about the rotation adjustment feature was not printed in the vehicle Owner’s Manual.


– Thanks to Jim Miller

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