Latest Diagnostic Charge Battery Station Software Update Released

A new software update (DCAG1-32) is now available for the EL-52800 Diagnostic Charge Battery Station (DCBS). (Fig 16) The DCBS replaces the EL-50313 Midtronics GR8 Battery Tester/Charger and is available for order through GM Dealer Equipment.


Fig. 16


Update DCAG1-32

All DCBS units should be updated to the software version DCAG1-32 to ensure battery testing is being performed with the latest technology and information.

The software update includes:

  • Added 5GHz functionality for Wi-Fi connections with improved remote to trolley connectivity, greatly reducing failed connections and messaging.
  • Ability to record pre-charge times and adds information to printout and job information.
  • Database improvements with vehicle identification/photos.
  • Elimination of clamp connection failure message during low voltage battery testing.
  • Adds ‘End Current’ data on printouts and job information.


Updating the Software

To complete the software update, connect the handheld remote to the PC using the USB cable. If the device has been updated previously, the required Optimus updating software application should already be on the PC. Open Optimus and follow the prompts to update the device

If this is the first time updating the device, it will be necessary to download the Optimus updating software application. To download, go to the E-XTEQ website at and select the Download option on the top menu bar. Once accessed, click Download Optimus and follow the prompts to install the Optimus updating software. After installation, open Optimus and follow the prompts to update the device.

Refer to the DCBS Software Installation Guide for more information.

When dealerships receive the new DCBS unit, it is critical that the Optimus software, which is included with the DCBS, be downloaded. The Optimus program is used to store all testing records that are performed at the dealership. Additionally, all DCBS software updates that are released to keep the DCBS operating with the latest vehicle information and product enhancements will only be delivered to the handheld diagnostic remote through the Optimus program. Any new software availability prompts will be displayed on the handheld remote.

For assistance with accessing the website, downloading the software or any questions about the DCBS, contact EXTEQ Customer Support Center at 1-877-453-3265.


– Thanks to Rob Kennedy

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