Loss of Window Motor Memory

The front windows may drop enough to cause wind noise on some 2018-2021 Equinox and Terrain models. After driving the vehicle while the infotainment system is at a high volume or music with high bass has been played, the windows may lower by approximately 1/4 inch (6 mm) or more. There also may be an Open Then Close Driver Window message displayed on the Driver Information Center.

The window may be lowering as a result of the window motor losing memory due to speaker vibration. It can occur with high volume or high bass use. If this condition is present, install foam between the window motor and the inner door panel to dampen any motor vibration/resonance. (Fig. 13) As shown, the foam is in the correct location in relation to the motor housing; however, the repair will have the foam applied to the inner door panel, not the motor housing.


Fig. 13


To make the repair, remove the front door trim panel and move the water deflector in order to access the window motor casing. Use a dense, adhesive-backed, foam block that has a depth of 1/2 inch (12 mm) and is 1 inch square (25 mm).

The foam (Fig. 14, #1) should be adhered to the inside of the inner door panel (Fig. 14, #2) and mounted between the end of the motor housing (Fig. 14, #3)  and the door panel.


Fig. 14


When reinstalling the water deflector, be sure that the integral locators are installed properly and that the water deflector is secured and leak proof.

After installing the front door trim panel, perform the window motor normalization procedure. Refer to Window Motor Programming – Express Function in the appropriate Service Information. After the window motor has been disconnected or the door harness has been disconnected, the window motor must be normalized or it may no longer perform the express-up function or may not index up when the door is closed.

For more details and parts information, refer to Bulletin #21-NA-046.


– Thanks to Rob Smith

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