Service Theft Deterrent Message

A Service Theft Deterrent message may be displayed on the Driver Information Center (DIC) on some 2018-2021 XT5 and 2020-2021 XT6 models equipped with RPO UTU (Vehicle Inclination Sensor) and RPO UTV (Vehicle Interior Movement Sensor). The DIC message may be the result of a poor connection of the Theft Deterrent Sensor in the overhead console (Fig. 9) or a self-test in the inclination sensor that may fail due to a mismatch of data.


Fig. 9


The intrusion sensor in the overhead console uses two ultrasonic sensors to detect any motion inside the vehicle. If motion is detected inside the vehicle while the Content Theft Deterrent system is armed, the system will transition to the alarm mode. The intrusion sensor also acts as an inclination sensor. The inclination sensor determines if the vehicle is level when the Content Theft Deterrent system is armed.

Lower the overhead console and verify the proper connection of the three Theft Deterrent Sensor leads. (Fig. 10)


Fig. 10


After checking the connections, reprogram the Body Control Module with the latest available calibrations. Be sure the VIN selected in the drop-down menu is the same as the vehicle connected before beginning programming.

Once programming is completed, lower the driver’s window, lock the vehicle with the key fob and check for proper operation of the Content Theft Deterrent system. With the system armed, extending your arm through the open window should activate the alarm.

Refer to Bulletin #21-NA-039 for additional information.


– Thanks to Tom Burlingame

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