3.6L Engine Intake Camshaft Position DTCs

Some 2021 Camaro models equipped with the 3.6L V6 engine (RPO LGX) may have an illuminated Check Engine MIL and DTCs P0011 (Intake Camshaft Position System Performance Bank 1) and/or P0016 (Crankshaft Position – Intake Camshaft Position Not Plausible Bank 1) set in the Engine Control Module. These conditions are usually found on new vehicles with less than 150 miles.

If these DTCs are set, check the intake camshaft position actuator solenoid connectors. (Fig. 27) Unplug each connector and inspect for any damage. Securely reconnect the connectors, clear the DTCs and test drive the vehicle. If the DTCs return, follow the diagnostic procedures in the appropriate Service Information. Do not replace the intake camshaft position actuator solenoids.


Fig. 27


Refer to #PIP5815 for additional information.


– Thanks to Aron Wilson

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