Fuse Block or Junction Block Terminal Retention

Some 2020-2021 Corvettes may experience several electrical concerns related to terminal retention issues at the instrument panel wiring harness fuse block (located at the passenger’s side of the instrument panel) (Fig. 17) or the body wiring harness junction block (located at the rear compartment closeout panel between the seats). (Fig. 18) The locking feature of the electrical center may not retain the terminal, resulting in the electrical concerns.


Fig. 17


Fig. 18


After verifying the condition at either the instrument panel wiring harness fuse block or body wiring harness junction block, remove the block and identify the correct fuse that requires rework. Remove it from the block. (Fig. 19)


Fig. 19


Locate the damaged pocket position and remove the terminal from the damaged cavity. (Fig. 20) Ensure that the wire is separate from the other wires.


Fig. 20


With the terminal removed from the block, apply a 1.0 mm bead of adhesive to the terminal retention ears at two locations on each side as shown. (Fig. 21, #1) Adhesive must not be applied above the green line (Fig. 21, #2), especially in the tuning fork area of the terminal. (Fig. 21, #3)


Fig. 21


With the adhesive applied at the four locations (two on each side) of the terminal, insert the terminal into the original cavity until fully seated. Hold it in place for 60 seconds. (Fig. 22) Allow the adhesive on the terminal to cure in place for 15 minutes.


Fig. 22


Once cured, hold the terminal firmly in place when inserting the proper fuse and then reinstall the fuse block or junction block.

For complete repair information and part numbers, refer to Bulletin #21-NA-174.


– Thanks to Jeff Strausser

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